Our Story

Few years ago, a couple of friends got together at a coffee shop to meet and celebrate the purchase of one of the latest and high-tech cars (at that time) by one of them. While the proud owner, a friend was showing off all the cool features and things this car can do, the other guy was thinking something else. He was wondering when he purchased his car a few years ago, none of these complexities existed. Also, at this rate, how complex the cars will become over time? How will car buyers know just by looking at the car what all features this car has? Who else will need this information? Where this information will be found? And on and on and on.

This is where a small business idea was born and over time, it became state of the art StickerLookup platform. We are not just a couple of friends anymore. We are now more than a few like-minded people who are passionate about solving complex business problems. We work together as a team and bring each of our unique skills and expertise to the table and make the StickerLookup platform smarter and more powerful every day.

Our Purpose/Vision

Our purpose was born at the same time when the idea of StickerLookup platform was born.
Fortunately, we were able to stay true to our purpose and working hard every day to stay true to it.

It’s a very simple idea.
We are driven to find complex business problems and solve them using cutting edge data sources and analytics techniques.

Our values

We are an organization who is driven by its purpose and guided by its values. We cherish all the good things humanity has to offer but if we have to pick few things which all of us at StickerLookup can relate to in our daily life, these are –

  • Customer comes first. We strive to amaze our customers. Everyone in our team is empowered to help and support our customers, beyond their job responsibilities.
  • Respect everyone. Irrespective of their background, we respect diverse ideas and thoughts. Honestly speaking, we are suckers for diverse thoughts, especially ‘out of the box’ kind.
  • Get better every day. We are driven to be the better version of ourselves from the previous day. We strongly believe the sky is the limit, when it comes to improvements, and little incremental improvements make the world a better place for everyone.


Everyone in our team is a Leader! We can create a long web page with impressive
bios and beautiful faces, which you will get annoyed scrolling. So, let’s just save everyone
all the trouble, and please know that anyone you will be interacting with at StickerLookup,
has all the authority needed to make you feel valued.

We’d love to hear from you.