New Risk Management Paradigm for Automobile

We are part of a historic technological transition in the Automobile Industry. Every advancement of technology is making these vehicles safer for the passengers as well as the environment around them. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for Risk Management Industries like Auto Insurance & Lending to develop a deep understanding of each vehicle they are underwriting. Every safety feature installed on a particular Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should be used as an important factor in the Risk Assessment process. However, the challenge is this information at VIN level is not readily and reliably available today in a cost-effective way.

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Our team is passionately working to solve this problem and provide the relevant information to revolutionize the current risk management techniques which are solely based on the risk associated with the people operating these automobiles. We are capturing the build specification of every vehicle sold in the market and normalizing this information to create industries first “Collision Prevention Score ©” for every VIN in every Make & Model.